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About Us

We're a passionate team of designers, problem solvers, and tea drinkers. We're a small team, but our passion and dedication is gigantic, and we work around the clock (literally) to make CrowdClock the best and your only solution for instant appointment setting.

But let's talk about you. Maybe you are like the average American who's put on hold for more than 60 hours every year on the phone, or a business owner wanting to get more customers in an efficient and manageable way. Regardless of which one you belong to (maybe both), it's your time that's being wasted, and we decided to do something about it. CrowdClock let's you make instant appointments from your iPhone with your favorite service provider instantly (really, it's blazing fast), and businesses can focus on what they do best - providing excellent service while the appointments are filled up "magically" (ease of use makes it truly magical).

CrowdClock also integrates with your existing calendar on your iPhone (iCal), and even allows you to signup using your Facebook or Twitter login. You'll love using CrowdClock because it will free up your time to do what you really want, plus it's 100% free* to download and use.