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Five Questions for a San Diego Startup: CrowdClock

By Chris Jennewein | July 28, 2014

For entrepreneur Yashar Ahmadpour, making appointments is a pain point large enough to build a business around. His startup CrowdClock is a cloud-based, platform-independent appointment-setting tool that can be integrated into a wide variety of applicatitons...

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Where San Diego Lands on the Four Rules for Startup Communities

By Blair Giesen | April 28, 2014

San Diego's been grappling for the last couple years with what makes a vibrant startup community.

Certainly, a vibrant community is one that fosters a culture of ideas and creativity to help startups grow into world-class companies. Now, there's a new model to help cities get there, and it involves a new kind of leadership. ...

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By Blair Giesen | April 25, 2014

A group of entrepreneurs got together yesterday to discuss how they can help San Diego startups grow into strong companies. Some of the groups that I have been a part of in the past never came up with these simple tasks to help each other out....

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Rocketship Podcast Interview

EP16: Yashar Ahmadpour's B2B Approach to a Marketplace App | April 8, 2014

Today we talked with Yashar Ahmadpour, founder of CrowdClock. He talks about his B2B style approach to what's really a marketplace app. He also opens up with us about what drives him as an entrepreneur and a problem solver...

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Plug and Play deadline extended

By Katherine Poythress | March 10, 2014

Funding, free mentorship and access to influential investors and founders in Silicon Valley. It's a tech entrepreneur's dream, and it could be a reality for those who get picked for San Diego's next Plug and Play Startup Camp...

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San Diego Startups Need Their Kumbaya Moment

By: Yashar Ahmadpour | February 13, 2014

There's Eric Otterson, who cofounded to serve as an advocate and matchmaker of sorts for founders. Blair Giesen has a new blog at Voice of San Diego, where he explores possible hurdles to a thriving startup culture...

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