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Our Philosophy

Focus on our Users
At CrowdClock we have one key focus: To simplify the process of Clocking (scheduling) appointments so you don't have to be put on hold for 60 hours per year. By focusing on you and your needs will CrowdClock be able to deliver a pain free experience to those who want to Clock an appointment with a business, or friend, and for businesses wanting to see their schedules "magically" filled up without spending more.

Be the best at one thing
We do Clocking (appointment setting), and we take it very, very seriously. We take it so seriously that Clocking is what CrowdClock is all about. That's why we have partnered up with Yelp to handle the search results you see on our iOS App. Yelp is amazing at providing their users with the best business directory search results, and to boot they allow users to make informed decisions by looking at the average star rating that other Yelp users have given them. So when you search on CrowdClock's iOS App for a business and get blazing fast results with star ratings, you are seeing Yelp's hard work shown on our iOS App.

We are never done
At CrowdClock we believe we are never done with our work. We are always working on making it better, faster, more user friendly, and coming out with new features that enhance the existing App, not make it just more bloated for the sake of having more features. We are also always looking to expand registered businesses with CrowdClock to allow our users to "magically" Clock appointments instantaneously without waiting for a confirmation.