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Our hiring philosophy

We're looking for the best. It sounds cliche`, but that is the truth. So, let us break it down for you what we perceive being the best, and why we adhere to that philosophy.

We believe that a company, especially a startup, achieves its success not only through strong leadership, but also by having an extraordinary team in place. We believe that an extraordinary team is one that is comprised of people who love what they are doing, who believe in the vision of the company, are the cream of the crop in their respective fields, but most important of all is their integrity and the ability to form strong friendship bonds with one another. After all, the majority of our days are spent working with our colleagues; that is why a team player mentality is critical. Plus, if these strong bonds are formed we can also have fun while working.

Specific traits we look for in our hires

Leadership - We want to know how you have taken the reins of a project, a task, or a process and shown through action that you are willing to go the extra mile. Perhaps it was pulling together different people to tackle a hurdle that required more than one head.

Knowledge - We are looking for people who have a deep knowledge base about their field. But, we also want you to have other strengths as well, not just isolated ones. For engineers, we will test your coding skills and your technical areas of expertise; but we also want to make sure you are able to work well with others - this applies to all our hires.

How your CNS works - We want to know how your brain thinks. Grades and transcripts are fine, but it does not encapsulate all of you. So, numbers are just numbers to us. We care more about your method of thinking, how you tackle problems, and why you would take them the way you would. In other words, show us why you would take it on your way, and don't get stuck on trying to answer the "right" way because there is no "right" way. What matters is that problems are solved.

How you tick - We want to know your personality. We'd like to know if you are comfortable with ambiguity, and with a startup culture that works hard, but also plays hard. And whether or not you are someone who needs granular directions to succeed, or who can take a "big picture" by understanding it and succeeding at it. After all, we want to make sure that we get people who will elevate us to the next level, and who we believe will thrive in our environment.


CrowdClock is looking for a veteran in business development. Someone with proven experience in partnerships with giants such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, YellowBooks, SuperPages, Facebook, and more. Having connections in those companies and others like it are very important as well. This position requires that you own it from concept to completion. You will be setting the pace for all future account executives, manage them, and set realistic goals for them.

Initially, you will be developing and driving new business from prospecting to close. To qualify for this position, you need to be someone who has experience in digital media sales background with a demonstrated track record of success.

About you:

  • Minimum five years developing fruitful relationships with clients in our industry - Online advertising, online sales, mobile Apps partnering, and more.
  • Strong understanding of online media and metrics.
  • Demonstrated track record of consistently exceeding quota.
  • Demonstrated ability to use strategic selling skills.
  • Successful experience presenting to C-Level executives, as well as SMB's.
  • Proficiency in Keynote, Powerpoint, Excel and Salesforce.
  • A creative problem solver and self-sufficient individual.
  • A can-do attitude that believes every problem has a solution - be creative and help your clients any which way you can within your available means.

If you think you're a right fit, share your story with us. We always like to hear new stories, and we would love to hear yours and see how you can join a rapidly growing, and dynamic company that is prides itself in its free thinking atmosphere. Send us your cover letter, resume, and your LinkedIn if you have it.

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As an Account Executive, you will instrumental in helping CrowdClock faster, better, and stronger. You will be helping the local business community see more customers without spending more, allow receptionists to truly be the face of the business instead of a glorified "tele-marketer". At the same time, you will be alleviating an enormous pain that people have when desperately trying to get an appointment made instead of being put on hold or leaving messages on a machine. You will enable people to gain control over how they Clock their appointments instead of being at the mercy of chance. This fast-paced position is brimmed with positive can-do attitude, and a tremendous desire to help local businesses, and people alike. We want people who want to solve problems for our potential clients, and that has no "manual" but requires an attitude of always being able to find the solution. We care about our teams immensely, both their professional growth with CrowdClock, as well as the well being of their personal lives. If you are looking for a company with passion, dedication, problem-solving attitudes while having fun, then you need to apply with us.

Account Executive Responsibilities:

  • Manage your own leads and drive the full sales cycle from introductory calls to closing deals.
  • Inform your clients about CrowdClock being free contract-free and performance based only.
  • Make meaningful calls to local businesses every day. We less concerned with how many calls you make, and more with how many you get to sign up with us.
  • Establish long-lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships with your clients. You will be their point-person.

Account Executive Requirements:

  • A Bachelor's degree or a minimum of 3 years of relevant sales experience.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit. Your job is to solve your clients' problems with getting more appointments (Clocks) made without spending more on it.
  • A passion to talk to people. Get to know them and their troubles. Even if you cannot have them sign up with CrowdClock you may have the ability to solve their problem. If so, do it. Don't ask for permission.
  • Able to work well with others, take direction and provide suggestions to better ways of doing the job. We are always open to ideas so please feel free to share them.

So - What do you get?

This is a great opportunity to join the startup world you may have always wanted to join. It's also a ground floor opportunity to join a hot startup with infinite growth potential. Being a startup we offer our employees a competitive salary, commission, and stock options.

If you think you have what it takes to join CrowdClock, then please send us your resume, cover letter, and/or LinkedIn link

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